Over the summer months, members of the project team have met with young people, support workers and mentors from the Bristol-based organisation 1625 Independent People* to discuss the development of the East Street Mews project.

The aim of the East Street Mews project is to provide quality housing for homeless young people: a stepping-stone to independent living.   Through participation in 1625IP’s regular Youth Forum, the team has captured valuable insight from young people who have experienced homelessness which will, in turn, help us respond to the needs of future residents.

With conversations centred around what provides  ‘a sense of home’, we have sought input on the apartment design, decor and the future management of the property.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with comments passed to both the project design team and Home Turf Lettings (part of DHI), who will be managing the property once it is completed.

We look forward to welcoming  the people involved in these discussions to the completed building to see where their ideas have been incorporated into the scheme.


85,000 young people in the UK become homeless every year.  In fact, young people are three times more likely to experience homelessness than the rest of the population.

East Street Mews brings together a team of local businesses, charities and experts to create vital housing for young homeless people in Bristol.

*1625IP, is a well established local charity with over 30 years experience in tackling youth homelessness.  It provides a wide range of services and support to young people who are at risk of, or have experienced homelessness in the city.