“Yesterday saw a major landmark reached as Developing Health & Independence signed a 15 year lease with Bristol City Council at East Street Mews, where we are laying down the foundations for a better future for young homeless people by transforming a disused building on Bedminster Parade into 11 affordable, self-contained flats.

Youth Homelessness is not inevitable, but young people in the UK are three times more likely to experience homelessness than the rest of the population.  Whatever the cause of youth homelessness, each young person who finds themselves without stable accommodation is a potential human tragedy and life curtailed.    

Our work with young people demonstrates that housing is a key tenent in turning young people’s lives around; each night a young person is homeless, they face serious risks from sexual exploitation, drugs & violence.  During this challenging time, their issues also become more entrenched and complex which makes it harder for them to get back on track, even with our help.    

Lack of affordable housing is a major barrier to organisation’s like us, who try to provide an early intervention and reach out to help these young people.  It also keeps young people trapped in homelessness, hostels or poor-quality housing and it prevents them from achieving their potential.  That’s why East Street Mews is such an inspirational project.  It provides life-changing homes for young people in Bristol and is made possible by a partnership of local businesses, charities, Bristol City Council and young people.  Our partners are generously completing the vast majority of the work for free (valued at circa £1.2 million).

Thank you to Owain Morgan of Simmons & Simmons, Emma Norman and Sally Davis of Avison Young particularly for their support in negotiating and securing the lease over several months, and to freeholder Bristol City Council.   Thanks also the wider team who have provided support to enable us to get to this point.

We conservatively estimate that the apartments at East Street Mews will provide move-on accommodation for approximately 100 young people over the lease term. It’s amazing and inspirational to think of the number of lives our partnership will touch and what our residents will achieve over the next 15 years.” 

David Walton

Housing Director, Developing Health and Independence

If you would like to find out more about DHI and the wonderful work they do, please look at their website here as well as Home Turf Lettings; their social lettings enterprise.


If you can support young people in Bristol by working with our East Street Mews project & volunteering your construction skills, labour or materials, please get in touch on eleanor@eaststreetmews.co.uk

You will be making a huge difference to young people in our city.