Sorry, we have been a bit quiet lately in sharing our news, but we can assure you that lots of work has been taking place behind the scenes.

Our Principle contractor Willmott Dixon for the construction phase has now taken procession of the site and is making great progress in pushing the project forward. They have kindly been provided space in Asda Carpark to run their operations from. If you are shopping in Asda you will see the East Street Mews Cabin that was donated by Elliots.

We often forget all the surveys and procurement work needed to get a project like this off the ground. Massive thank you to First Ecology for the Bat Survey, 6alpha for the UXO survey, Ashfields for the ground contamination and conditions survey, and borehole testing by G-Works. A great team of people helping to get these essential parts of the project completed.

Following the completion of the demolition work, Wrings have now erected the large scaffold to the front and rear of the building to stabilise the structure and provide safe access to the roof. We also have a new hoarding on Bedminster Parade to provide space for the scaffolding and ensure a safe walkway for local residents.

The Roof

It is safe to say that the roof was in a lot worse condition than what we first expected. So thanks to LA Moore, the roof is now off, a major milestone in our journey to make a safe and watertight structure that we can start putting back together.

Photo: Two friendly team members from LA Moore after completing the roof demolition

The roof removal works have been completed in preparation for the main carpentry works to start and our shiny new roof to be installed. So some great progress has been made and we now focus our efforts getting the building watertight.

As you will know, all of this work is only possible with the kind donations of time, expertise and resources of our kind partners. So a massive thank you to everyone who has been involved so far.

Since May Willmott Dixon our contractor has clocked up over 850 hours of pro bono time. They have also added to our fundraising total, raising a massive £17.5k from their coast to coast challenge, where they walked, cycled and ran the coastline of their region (From Aberystwyth to Exeter) and donations from their supply chain awards.

Following the removal of the roof we have had help from ‘Bob’ and ‘Frank’, both bricklayers who have worked on repairing the parapet walls.