Contemporary, affordable homes for young homeless people

East Street Mews is a ground-breaking initiative that will create 11 contemporary apartments to provide much-needed affordable housing for young homeless people in Bristol.  The property on Bedminster Parade has been empty for many years and needs significant restoration and improvement.

An innovative team of local businesses, charities and property experts with support from Bristol City Council are all working together free of charge on East Street Mews.  Planning permission was granted for the refurbishment in late 2018 and we have now entered the construction phase.  We anticipate the first residents will be welcomed into their new homes in 2020.

When complete, the apartments will be offered at low rent levels set according to an amount young homeless people can afford to pay.  East Street Mews will provide a solid foundation on which its residents can move on to the next stage of their lives in education or employment.

The apartments at East Street Mews will be managed by a local charity Developing Health & Independence (DHI) which runs innovative services to help disadvantaged people turn their lives around.

The ground floor of the property will include space for local businesses and provide employment opportunities for residents and the local community alike.

Why do we need East Street Mews?

Every day, thousands of young people in the UK find themselves homeless.

The biggest cause of youth homelessness is family breakdown and many young people are forced to sleep in overcrowded hostels, to sofa surf, or worse still, forced onto the streets.

Jenny’s story

  • Like thousands of young people every year, Jenny found herself with nowhere to live when she was 20 years old.
  • She moved into a young person’s hostel until she became pregnant and was no longer able to stay in her accommodation.
  • At risk of becoming homeless again, Jenny was referred to the local charity Developing Health & Independence (DHI). She became one of the first residents of an affordable and safe apartment created for young homeless people.
  • Now 25 and a single mum, Jenny is living happily in the same apartment and has found a new job thanks to the stability that her home has provided.

East Street Mews will become a home to others like Jenny; giving disadvantaged young people the support, security and the confidence to build better lives.

Our plans for the building

The buildings which will soon become East Street Mews, have been empty for over a decade. What was once a busy workshop and residential accommodation above, has fallen into significant disrepair, as seen in the pictures below.  There is significant structural work required to prepare the property for its complete renovation including, demolition work, a new roof & floors.
The Bush Consultancy have created a design which overcomes the challenges raised at East Street Mews  while prioritising the requirements of future residents at every stage.  The plans show how the completed property will maximise available space to include 11 studios & apartments (one with a courtyard garden), and two commercial units to restore an active frontage to this busy Bristol street.

How can you support the project?

By working together and completing smaller parts of the whole redevelopment, we are building a model of collaboration in the property and construction industry that will have a lasting impact on young people in Bristol.  Together we can be a positive force for change.