A place to call home


Every day, thousands of young people in the UK find themselves homeless.

The biggest cause of youth homelessness is family breakdown and many young people are forced to sleep in overcrowded hostels, to sofa surf, or worse still, forced onto the streets.


Jenny’s story

  • Like thousands of young people every year, Jenny found herself with nowhere to live when she was 20 years old.
  • She moved into a young person’s hostel until she became pregnant and was no longer able to stay in her accommodation.
  • At risk of becoming homeless again, Jenny was referred to the local charity Developing Health & Independence (DHI). She became one of the first residents of an affordable and safe apartment created for young homeless people.
  • Now 25 and a single mum, Jenny is living happily in the same apartment and has found a new job thanks to the stability that her home has provided.

East Street Mews will become a home to others like Jenny; giving disadvantaged young people the support, security and the confidence to build better lives.

We anticipate that the first residents will move into East Street Mews in 2019 and that more than 50 young people will make East Street Mews their home within its first 10 years.


Several companies and organisations have already provided and promised support, but we need more. Please help us by donating your time, skills or money today to make East Street Mews a reality.

See our get involved page for more details on how you can help change young people’s lives.